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Candy Paint's mission to create poppin' fashion with a life changing purpose. We are a fashion/beauty brand, but because of our story our purpose for doing this is to inspire women who have struggled, to keep going hard.  Peep our brand story below.

Candy Paint is an urban hair & fashion brand for women, that created the first ever color clip in bangs for women.  The brand was created by Carmalita Howard, an Ohio State graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology.  Lita was Born in Bitburg, Germany because her dad was in the military.  After her dad left the military her family moved to Columbus Ohio. The civilian life became hard financially & they lived paycheck to paycheck.  As if that wasn't hard enough Lita was diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 14. Due to the medicine for Lupus her hips became diseased, so she got 2 hip replacements at the age of 19.  Lita's doctor's told her that she would need medicine for Lupus for the rest of her life.  

As time went on she became fed up with feeling sick & her anger became her strength. Lita let the doctors know that she would not need medicine forever & that she would be healed.  Three years later God answered her prayers & she hasn't been on Lupus medicine for 10 years.  Now Lita has been diagnosed with CVID & Bronchiectasis. Unfortunately, she was discouraged for a while, but has regained her strength.  She is determined to be healed and is going for dreams while waiting for her healing from God.

Candy Paint is for the baddie who makes her own rules for fashion.  We have crowned our brave women who support us, as our Baddie Clique.  Come Drip With Us!

Our originality comes from our bold color clip in bangs because they are an innovative spin on regular.

Our focus in Spring 2019 is our affordable mermaid, beach & blinged Candy Painted makeup brushes. The goal for Candy Paint is to become the go to fashion place for women to feel strong & beautiful.  We are more than just fashion, our struggle is a motivator for every underdog in the world.  Have faith & never give up on your life no matter what other people say.  God's answer is the only one that matters.

TTYL I love You Baddiez!