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Returns, Refunds & Exchanges

1. Email to request a refund.  Please let us know why you are requesting a refund or exchange & we'll let you know how to start the process.  In order to qualify for a return or exchange your item must be in the original condition.

2. Please return your item to:

   196 Santa Monica Drive 

    Columbus, OH 43213


1. Orders usually take 3-5 business day to process & 1-5 business days to ship.  Our carrier is USPS. The only exception for shipping days is pre-orders.  Please see the pre-order section for more information.       

2. Currently we have flat rate shipping fees for the US. We apologize we currently do not ship outside of the US.

Payment Policy

1.  We currently accept Payments through Paypal & now we accept all major credit cards (see examples at checkout).

Privacy Policy 

1. Currently we only ask for the information we need to ship & process your payment. Paypal knows your payment info & that is why we don't need to know. Paypal is the safest most trusted way to collect payments & we use it to make our customers feel secure.


1. What current products are available for pre-order?

The newest trend in fashion according to Sally Beauty Supply, our Candy Paint Hair Piecez, are available for pre-order.

2. What is the benefit of pre-ordering?

Candy Paint is a brand new item so you will be a part of our official baddie clique to get your product first at a 15% discount.

3. When should I expect to receive my pre-order item?

You should receive your current item 21 days after ordering it.

Thank you so much for choosing Candy Paint!